Varro Corp

Founded by the genius inventor and businessman Julius Varro, the Varro Corporation rose to power over the past 20 years. The conglomerate has divisions in every field imaginable, all funded by Julius Varro's private fortune. Varro Corp employs hundreds of the brightest minds in all of Hayle, from Engineers to Scientists to Petrologists. They provide many different services for the people of Hayle at their daughter companies in the outer cities, but one must visit Varro Tower in Central to receive the best products. It's easy enough to find, since it's the tallest building in town. As the only company with legal permission to sell pokeballs, the Varro Corp stores are an essential visit for every pokemon trainer.

Once, Hayle was sprinkled with a variety of shops in each city selling an assortment of items. One store might sell a variety of pokeballs, another might make medicine, and a few rare crafters could create TMs and other powerful items, selling them for extremely high prices. Varro took this hodge-podge system and decided that he could do better. He was the first to create a factory for common items, and the first to open shops in multiple cities. As he gained a foothold, he began to aggressively buy over others with the skills and mindset to compete with his new company. With the best and brightest in all the important trainer technologies, and a complete monopoly on the breaking technologies of pokebots, cyberspace, and body modifications, Julius Varro began to out compete the family shops. He could offer lower prices due to his mass production techniques, and he could offer much more consistent products than other stores. He then formed an exclusive contract with the Chronos and the League to create a permanent business empire that nobody could scratch, let alone compete with. While many complained about Julius's overaggressive tactics - which some go so far as to call unethical and corrupt - none can argue with his successes.

In order to shop at any Varro Corp store, a trainer must present their official Hayle League Trainer License. While Team Jamba has developed forgeries of these licenses, it is nearly impossible for most without a license to get any of the basic materials necessary that the Varro shops offer. Additionally, Varro Corp restricts the kinds of items that a trainer can buy based on the number of badges that the trainer possess. More badges means better pokeballs, more powerful TMs, and, for the truly powerful, access to the unique specialty items crafted in the hidden Item Workshop that possess great amounts of power and versatility. Most find that 5 badges is enough to buy the truly important items for day to day life, especially if they don't desire access to things such as cybernetic modifications or pokebots. They've also come up with a wide variety of unique pokeballs that they developed and sell to any trainer with at least 2 badges.

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