• Pokemon Trainers with two or less badges can gain access to room and board at pokemon centers for free.
  • Trainers may take their starter test at any point between their 15th and 20th birthdays.
  • Alexa is famous for hosting tournaments with exotic and expensive prizes for the winners.
  • Radio shows are one of the main forms of entertainment and news in the Hayle Region.
  • The Varro Corporation's Item Workshop is the only functional airship in the Hayle region, and it sells powerful items to deserving trainers.
  • Hayle's most powerful pokemon are called Cryptids, immensely powerful pokemon millennia old. Only eleven Cryptids have ever been captured. Six of these eleven were captured by Chronos.


  • Pokemon get progressively stronger the further from established routes that a trainer wanders.
  • Many travelers get lost on the way to Hidden Oasis by mirages created by the desert's intense heat.
  • A steam powered train has shipped the vast majority of food from Thousand Acres Ranch to Central for years, and many citizens without pokemon choose to take this train between the two cities to avoid wild pokemon.
  • The Zahaard family palace is the oldest building in all of Whutu.
  • Stormwrack Harbor has more days of rainfall per year than any other city in the region.
  • A thick smog covers much of the sky in Central's industrial and lower class residential districts, but Varro Corp has invented technology to keep the smog from covering the rest of the city.
  • At Armedius Academy, students in disagreement can challenge each other to an official match to solve the issue, and many major student policies have been decided in this manner.

Pokemon League

  • Elite 4 challenges occur on the second and fourth Friday of each month, and starter battles occur on the first Monday.
  • The Elite 4 battles are shown on TV and can be attended live for a hefty sum, but battles with Chronos occur behind closed doors.
  • Hayle Central produces the most trainers out of any city, while Zahaard Fortress produces the least.
  • At 82, Lillian Summers is the oldest gym leader, while Ibis Tithel, 15, is the youngest. Both hold the record for youngest and oldest gym leaders in Hayle history.
  • Considered a special case, Ibis was allowed to take her starter challenge two years before league regulations generally allow.
  • Every year, the gym leaders host a 4v4 exhibition match for charity, North vs. South. North has won 3:1 for the past four years in a row.
  • Every time that a new gym leader assumes their position, Varro Corp reaches out with an offer of a powerful and specialized gift as a gesture of good faith. Of the current gym leaders, only four accepted this gift ( Lillian, Koon, Augustus, and Savannah ).

Team Jamba

  • While Team Jamba can forge fake Trainer Licenses to access pokemon centers, they have yet to create cards that can gain access to the PC system.
  • The majority of the pokemon distributed to new Team Jamba trainers come from a stock of pokemon that Djinni breeds.
  • Blueberry communicates with subordinates exclusively via text messages, and many in the organization believe it to be an AI program.
  • Djinni is the only member of Team Jamba that has ever risen from Pawn to Bishop, and her recent promotion to Knight caused much controversy among the current Bishops.
  • King and Queen are the only members of Team Jamba Bishop rank or above that do not have individualized aliases, instead being referred to by rank alone.

At least one of the following statements is true.

  • King is Chronos, and has pulled the wool over everybody's eyes.
  • Queen is Lune, working to liberate Hayle from Chronos's reign.
  • Chronos is actually a pokemon controlling the league behind the scenes.
  • One of the Team Jamba Knights is a Gym Leader
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