Team Jamba

Like most other regions, Hayle has its own criminal syndicate operating in the shadows. While most tend to function as a mob or mafia, Team Jamba (short for Jamboree) instead functions more as a quasi-terrorist organization, oftentimes sowing chaos for no explainable reason and drawing unnecessary attention to themselves. While the reason behind Team Jamba's creation is shrouded in mystery, it has gained traction in the region due to League itself.

Hayle's pokemon league has two natural walls that trainers must overcome at all costs, and failing these challenges leads to harsh consequences. Some aspiring trainers simply can't beat their local gym leader in three tries, and whether they fail due to lack of skill or by some unfortunate twist of fate, these trainers are forever barred from becoming a league trainer or legally owning pokemon. On the other end, those few who make it to Chronos inevitably lose to the master battler and suffer a similar shame, having been branded as a failure who tried to fly to close to the sun.

These trainers, faced by the sad truth of their situation, have only one option to continue on as trainers. Team Jamba can provide new trainers with illicit starter pokemon and failed champions with the opportunity to strike back at an organization that has destroyed their hopes and dreams. They can also provide forged trainer IDs allowing access to a variety of services, such as pokemon centers or Varro Corp stores, that are a basic necessity for any trainer. Thus, most believe that Team Jamba's primary goal is the destruction of the league as it stands, although nobody knows for sure.

Team Jamba is known for the masks that its members wear while on missions. Depending on the rank of the member, these masks can range from a simple checkered pattern to an extremely elaborate carnival costume that completely shrouds any chance of identifying who lies underneath. However, these masks and costumes are only worn when working missions for the team, and members live out their day to day lives like any other, waiting patiently for their next assignments … and their next paycheck. The masks also mean that no member of Team Jamba will ever be able to identify another member if they are captured and interrogated, and revealing one's face to others in the organization is considered both a grave offence and a sign of immense trust.

The organization of Team Jamba is extremely hierarchical, and is inspired by the game of Chess. Each member of Team Jamba receives a Rank upon entering. These members can earn promotions through proof of ability and merit, or through providing particularly useful services. As members rise in rank, they gain access to better pokemon, easier access to services, better trainer license forgeries, and the ability to participate in more important missions. However, these promotions are incredibly rare, and any member that moves up a rank is somebody who has captured the interest of the higher ups. The ranks are broken down below:

Pawn Pawns are always aspiring trainers who have failed to earn their starter pokemon and have been banned from participating in the league. They wear identical checkered masks to identify them as the lowest rung of the organization. The promotion out of Pawn is perhaps the most difficult to achieve, as it is rare for these individuals to accrue enough power to catch the eye of their superiors.

Rook Rooks generally fall into one of three categories: Pawns who achieved promotions, league trainers who were exiled from the league for criminal offenses, and the weakest of the trainers to lose to the champion Chronos. These members wear a identical beaked masks and are also allowed a checkered robe to better mask their identity.

Bishops Bishops are the highest 'normal' rank that a member of Team Jamba can obtain. Commonly trainers that lost to Chronos in the championship battle, Bishops are given more freedom and trust than the lower two ranks. They are given a unique alias and are allowed to create their own unique masks and costumes to better identify them from other Bishops.

Knights There are only ever four Knights of Team Jamba. As the Admins of the organization, every lower Ranked member is a member of one of these four Knight's divisions. Each division is generally identified by color (black or white) and whether the commanding knight answers to the King or the Queen (Kingside or Queenside). The Knights are incredibly powerful, each considered on par with a Gym Leader. Like Bishops, each has an alias and each wears an elaborate mask and costume that are generally powerful equipment in their own right. The four current Knights of Team Jamba are Blueberry (White Queenside), Pluto (Black Queenside), Icarus (White Kingside), and Djinni (Black Kingside). Nobody knows the identity of these figures, and few outside the organization even know their names, but they remain powerful influences on the actions of Team Jamba.

King and Queen The King and Queen are the figures that rule over Team Jamba with an iron grip. Nobody knows who these two figures are or why they do what they did before founding the organization. Are they trainers who lost to Chronos early on in his reign, or are they outsiders who are capitalizing on the opportunities that the political climate of Hayle offers. None of that matters however, as they are now only the two ruthless rulers of Team Jamba.

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