Psychic Thief Pokemon
Owned Pokémon (2): Zorua, Aipom
Mild Nature (+Attack, -Defense)
Stat Base Added Value
Hit Points 4 +11 15
Attack 9 +10 19
Defense 2 +0 2
Special Attack 8 +0 8
Special Defense 4 +0 4
Speed 7 +9 16
Athletics 2d6 Acrobatics 3d6+1
Combat 2d6 Stealth 4d6+1
Perception 2d6 Focus 3d6+1
Overland 5 Swim 2
High Jump 1 Long Jump 1
Power 1 Underdog
Darkvision A Pokémon with the Darkvision Capability never has their vision hampered by a loss of light. They can even see in total darkness and are never Blind or affected by Total Blindness due to low-light conditions.
Naturewalk (Forest & Grasslands) Naturewalk is always listed with Terrain types in parentheses, such as Naturewalk (Forest and Grassland). Pokémon with Naturewalk treat all listed terrains as Basic Terrain.
Tracker Pokémon with the Tracker Capability have a strong sense of smell that they can use to follow other Pokémon or people. If the Pokémon has smelt whom they want to track in the past day, or one of their personal belongings, they can pursue that prey with a Perception check of 8 or better. To pick-up a random scent from nothing, a Perception check of 14 or better will allow the Pokémon to follow that scent. To pick-up a specific scent from nothing, a Perception check of 20 will allow the Pokémon to follow that scent. A Pokémon may only make these checks once per hour. If a Pokémon learns the Move Odor Sleuth and does not have the Tracker Capability, they gain Tracker.
Pack Mon A Pokémon with Pack Mon instinctively belong to a rigid pack structure, and are naturally inclined to the top of that structure. Wild Pokémon that are of this Pokémon’s unevolved form or at least 10 levels lower than the user will instantly obey the user’s commands; showing a Pokémon with Pack Mon to a group of Wilds will put them at a Fearful disposition. However, two Pack Mons of the same species and within 10 Levels of each other will fight for dominance of the group. If a Wild Pack Leader is ten levels higher than your Pokémon, it will expect your Pokémon to obey it, and may attack if it does not.
Stealth A Pokémon with the Stealth Capability are excellent at approaching the enemy for an up close assault. While Shifting, unless they purposely want to, Stealth Pokémon do not make any noise. Unless a Pokémon with Stealth has used a Ranged Move during the current round or the round previous, Ranged Moves may not target them if the line of sight drawn goes through Rough Terrain or if the Pokémon is on Rough Terrain.
Illusionist | Pokémon with the Illusionist Capability can create minor visual Illusions as a Standard Action. These may be no more than half a meter in any dimension and produce no sensory sensations outside of sight. Any physical contact noticeably disrupts an Illusion, and all other effects that see through Illusions can do so. Otherwise, the Illusion appears life-like and can be made to move, though it cannot move further than the user’s Focus Rank in meters away from the user. Actively manipulating the Illusion requires constant attention from the user. For minor effects such as making an illusionary flame dance, this requires the user to constantly spend its Swift Actions. For more major effects such as animating an illusionary skeleton, the user must constantly spend Standard Actions

Garnet: Male Zorua Type: Dark Held Item: None Digestion Buff: None
Level 20, 400/460 EXP HP: 75/75 Injuries: 0 Tutor Points: 1/5
Training Focused (+1 Accuracy, +2 Skill Checks)
Ability Usage Special Effect
Illusion Special As a Standard Action, the user may mark an object, Pokémon, or Trainer. The user may have a number of targets marked equal to their Focus Rank; to mark a new target, an old mark must be forfeited. Once per round as a Free Action, the user may use illusory powers to make itself look exactly like a marked target. This may be done as the user is being released from a Poké Ball. This change is aesthetic and does not affect typing or Moves. The illusion allows the user to vaguely mimic sounds made by its marked target, but it is not capable of intelligible speech. Whenever the user is hit by a damaging Move, the Illusion is destroyed. The user may also dismiss the Illusion as a Free Action.
Weird Power Static Garnet may add his Atk on damage for Special moves.
Name Freq AC Type Damage Range Special Effect
Struggle At-Will 4 Normal DB 4 - 1d8+6 / 11 Physical Melee, 1 Target -
Copycat Scene x2 N/A Normal Status 4, 1 Target Use the Move the target has used on their last turn. You may choose new targets for the Move. Copycat cannot miss.
Feint Attack At Will N/A Dark DB 8 - 2d8+10 Physical Melee, 1 Target Feint Attack cannot miss.
Fury Swipes EOT 5 Normal DB 3 - Fivestrike Physical Melee, 1 Target, Fivestrike -
Pursuit At Will 2 Dark DB 6 - 2d6+8 Physical Melee, 1 Target If the foe is fleeing or being switched out, Pursuit may be used as an Interrupt, targeting the triggering foe. When used as an Interrupt, Pursuit grants the user a +5 bonus to all Movement Speeds, and has a Damage Base of 10 (3d8+10).
Fake Tears EOT 2 Dark Status 8, 1 Target, Social Target loses 2 CS in SpDef
Improvements / Edges
Source TP Cost Effect
Attack Conflict (SpAtk) 1 Remove SpAtk from BSR.
Skill Enhancement 2 +1 to Focus and Perception Rank
Trail Sniffer 1 Add Focus Rank to Tracker Rolls
Type Effectiveness
Immune (x0) image Psychic.jpg
Resist (x0.5) Ghost, Dark
Super Effective (x1.5) Fighting, Bug, Fairy
Inheritance Moves
Flamethrower, Copycat, Snatch
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