Other Organizations

Ranger Corps Hayle's people face many dangers, from threats both wild and humane. Thankfully they have an official force tasked with their protection. Based in Stormwrack Harbor, the Hayle Ranger Corps serve as the regions chief military force. The Ranger Academy attracts hundreds of trainers each year to try and join the prestigious organisations. Though everyone is accepted into the program, considerably fewer graduate at the end of the year's training. Depending on the region, people's attitudes towards Rangers range from casual recognition to downright reverence, allowing the Rangers to wear their uniforms with pride. After successful service, Rangers can earn promotions to become Detectives and Commanders. According to the main office in Stormwrack Harbor, the Rangers have no special operations unit, but every now and then stories of Rangers wearing special black and gold uniforms surface briefly before vanishing as quickly as waves that beat on Stormwrack Harbor's shores. The current Commander of the Ranger Corps is William Garrison, a youthful but extremely competent commander who has begun large scale changes to the organization in recent years.

Ironwall Mercenaries The routes between cities in Hayle are incredibly dangerous. While some routes are safer than others, many are host to dangerous pokemon, and even the safe routes see the occasional rampaging monster that only an accomplished gym trainer could handle. Mercenary protection services rose to the call and quickly began to advertise their services to protect those who couldn't help themselves. Unfortunately many were frauds that ran away at the first sign of danger, and mercenary companies soon became a joke. The Ironwall mercenaries changed all this however, as they formed an organization that only tested battlers could join. With the saying that being protected by their mercenaries felt like being protected like an iron wall, the Ironwall Mercenaries have become a trusted name that many hire in order to travel to relatives or events.

Night Runners While Snag Ball technology is illegal to most and available only to a few select rangers charged with rescuing pokemon from abusive trainers, an increasing number of the machines have been appearing on the black markets. While many have been swept up by Team Jamba, many more have been appropriated by a ragtag group of trainers that call themselves the Night Runners. These trainers, frustrated that so many abusive trainers slip through the Ranger's net, have taken it upon themselves to patrol Central's slums in order to rescue pokemon that are mistreated or used for illegal ends. While Night Runners are actively hunted by the Rangers for use of illegal technology, they know the city's underside as only those raised on the streets can. While their financial backer is unknown, the Night Runners has quickly begun to gain popularity with poor Central residents as a group that enforces vigilante justice in areas that Rangers rarely visit.

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