Important Nonplayer Characters

Gym Leaders

  • Augustus West (Stormwrack Harbor)
  • Lillian Summers (Thousand Acres Ranch)
  • Leo Blackwell (Wrystone Nature Preserve)
  • Teller Brand (Hayle Central)
  • Savannah Hawthorne (Hidden Oasis)
  • Koon Aeros (Armedius Academy)
  • Ibis Tithel (Serenity Town)
  • Androssi Zahaard (Zahaard Fortress)

Elite Four

  • Shackle (Move Disabling)
  • Guard (Ultimate Defense)
  • Belle (Sound)
  • Shifter (Type Shifting)

Special Trainers

  • Chronos (Champion)
  • Lune (Former Champion)
  • William Garrison (Ranger Corps Commander)
  • Phantom (Night Runner Leader)
  • Halle Wrystone (Former Wrystone Gym Leader, Current Safari Zone Chief)

Team Jamba

  • King and Queen (Leaders)
  • Blueberry (White Queenside Knight)
  • Pluto (Black Queenside Knight)
  • Icarus (White Kingside Knight)
  • Djinni (Black Kingside Knight)

Societal Figures

  • Antoine Cavey (President of Hayle)
  • Julius Varro (CEO of Varro Corp.)
  • Alexa Ferris (Box System Manager)
  • Trish Faldet (Host of Hayle Pokenews)
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