Elite 4

While the Elite Four in other regions may focus on types like a normal gym leader, Hayle’s Elite Four has no need to do so: the types are all covered by the current gyms. Instead, each has chosen to base their team around a signature strategy that they invest in. Additionally, each trainer sheds their name when joining the Elite Four, instead claiming a name that reflects their battle style.

After passing through Victory Road, trainers are confronted with a small town where they can register that they have safely passed through the dangerous final test. Once they have this registration, they may alert members of the Elite Four to their intention to challenge them. All four Elite Four Members are considered equal, and may be challenged in any order. Each member of the Elite Four takes a single challenger on the second and fourth Fridays of each month, meaning that some trainers have to wait over a month for their chance to challenge a member of the Elite Four, and a full Elite Four Challenge can take up to six months. If a trainer loses to any of the four, they must start over. If they beat all four, then they gain the right to challenge the Champion. Challenging the champion can occur whenever both parties are free, though they are held behind closed doors. However, trainers are advised against taking this challenge too lightly. If they win they become Champion with all the benefits and responsibilities that the position entails, but if they lose, then they forfeit the right to ever challenge for the spot of champion again.

Shackle: A pokemon’s moves are the cornerstone of their ability to contribute effectively to combat. Shackle enjoys slowly stripping away her opponent's ability to attack by suppressing her opponents to the point where they must resort to struggle attacks to deal damage. Her arena is in Serenity Town, where she grew up as a gravetender. Expect a frustrating battle as you are slowly stripped of your ability to attack when facing Shackle and her cruel Cofagrius.

Guard: In a purely theoretical sense, a pokemon that cannot receive damage cannot lose. Shield puts this theory into practice with his team of highly defensive pokemon. Many trainers have failed to faint even one pokemon on Shield’s team, let alone his entire cohort of bulky pokemon. Guard hosts his battles at Armedius Academy where he used to teach defensive theory to students. Expect an excruciatingly long battle when trying to take down Guard and his impenetrable Shuckle.

Belle: While moves such as Sing and Boomburst are widely recognized as powerful additions to any team, none have mastered the techniques of sonic pokemon as well as Belle has. An idol singer across the region, Belle has achieved a celebrity unmatched by any other trainers. Belle is noticeably younger than all of her counterparts on the Elite Four, and she has used her youth to capture the hearts of thousands. Huge crowds flock to see the singer perform and battle in the Hayle Central concert hall. Expect to face a wall of sound when battling Belle and her melodious Chingling.

Shifter: Knowing about types and their relations is an essential part of what a pokemon is. Shifter however, specializes in a battle style where a pokemon’s type is transient and can change on a whim. His pokemon have the uncanny ability to change their typing at the drop of a hat to gain a tactical advantage over their opponents on his battlefield in Central. Expect a constantly shifting battle that can change instantly when facing Shifter and his slippery Greninja.

Chronos: Power, Talent, Skill. Chronos has all these in abundance. As the undisputed master battler of the region, Chronos is considered a god among men in many ways. Having held the position for 15 years, few but the arrogant challengers doubt the legitimacy of his power. Little is known about his battling style other than that he is a master Capture Specialist who battles only with the Cryptids that he has hunted down and captured. With pokemon that outdate even humanity itself, Chronos overwhelms his opponents with the power of ancients. None who have faced him have ever even forced Chronos to release all six pokemon, and nobody knows what trump card lies in the final pokeball on his belt. Expect to lose when facing Chronos.

Lune While no longer part of the Elite Four, Lune still holds a place of deep respect for many Hayle residents as the previous Champion. Sure, she lost to Chronos, but by then she was tired of the position and the thankless tasks which it demanded. Since her departure from the head of the Hayle Pokemon League, Lune has largely dropped of the map, appearing only sporadically at times of crisis. However, she will occasionally accept public challenges from powerful trainers, donating any proceeds to charity. Her battle style specializes on harnessing the power of the universe, and she has built a formidible team of extraterrestrial poekmon. Rumors have it that, after her loss to Chronos, she's searching for the legendary pokemon Deoxys. Known for her pokemon's unique abilities, Lune and her Beheeyem still inspire awe in the hearts of many aspiring trainers.

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