The Esselwood Bandits

Intro Info

Where: a small town that was supposed to be connected to the ??? line, but the route never got started, and is slowly dying out.

What: A group of bandits has taken over the small town.

Why: They want to form a rival gang to the triad based on drug trade.

How: They've found a way to start up the rusty old train that had never been fully equipped using some Klingklang they found.

So What: If not stopped, this town will slowly die off and become a permanant bandit den. Additionally, because it isn't on the normal train schedule, there's a chance that the train could run into another train.

The Town
Esslewood used to be a prosperous farming town with a reputation for merry people and many growing families. However, as time went on, nobles began to invest more heavily in ranching communities than farming towns. An opportunity rose after nobles gently encouraged the townspeople to invest heavily in a railway line to connect the town to Orrinn, the largest Mercantile hub in the Syreni Area of The Basin with a direct line to the market's of Diancell. However, it was determined to be a nonprofitable endeavor to fund the trains to and from Esslewood, leaving the town with no money, a useless railway, and no prospects of becoming anything more than a slowly dying town.

Gathering the PCs

  • The PCs have been asked by a patron to collect a parcel from Freida Redersson, the moderately renowned tinkerer who adamantly refuses to move to a more convenient location.

Cast of Characters:
The players
Esther: The town's elder and unofficial leader during the crisis at his old farm.
Eve and Aaron Belheart: An elderly pair of farmers who fled their farm.
Rerddreson Twins: The children of the local blacksmith who provided the klink. They're too dumb to know what they're doing is wrong and were thirsty for adventure.
Freida Redderson: local metalworker and tinkerer. Built a train prototype over the past ten years.
Vincente: The leader of the bandits. A crack shot with his twin pistols and quite ambitious.
Gretta and Berrel: The two farmers whose goods had been stolen. They work with Esther to smuggle goods to the Triad to keep the town afloat.
Grunts: Men and women who help Vincente for a cut of the profits.
Alden: an eccentric who lives in a hut on an island in Darken forest. He can teach the move Soak to any water type Pokemon the PCs have.

Combat Encounters
1.A Arrival encounter
1.B Some sort of battle at the outlying farm 1

2.A - Alden Marril fight
2.B - At the farm B - SOMETHING WILDS RELATED. Raided the farm and released Pokemon. Round them up, clues about what kind of Pokemon they use! If you help please take one as payment.

3) Town battle 1 (in the streets, Redderson twins)
4) Station house fight
5) train battle

Adventure Outline

Phase 1: Approaching Esselwood

PCs are approaching town from the south, on the road they see a Emerson and Eve, obviously elderly farmers, nursing wounds. 'Those Damned bandits' have attacked their wagon and are currently looting their crops! Combat Encounter 1A: vs two bandit grunts!

Arrive at Esther's farm. Have the opportunity to talk with the townspeople who are currently refugees at the temporary town. They can learn from the farmers

  • Story of how the town got taken over. Vincente uses guns!
  • They were hoping that the train, finally operational, would revitalize their town. It can connect to the Syreni Line all the way to Diancell!
  • Redderson Twins currently missing. Mom worried they're trapped in town unable to leave. (context for encounter __)
  • Reclusive hermit may be able to help in the fight. He tutors water moves and they are fairly sure that water moves help stop guns! (hook for __)
  • Eve and Emmerson's farm was left in a hurry. Livestock need to get collected before predators get them! (optional, but a way for them to get more mons on their teams)
  • Layout of the town

Generally speaking,

Phase 2: Preparing for Battle

While both of these interactions and encounters are totally optional, stress that they're opportunities to gain experience, capture wilds, and gain valuable tools in preparing to take on Vincente and his bandits in town.

Encounter 2A The Emmerson Farm: The Mareep, Tepig, Miltank, and Ducklett are being attacked by a group of Poochyena! When they see the PCs approach, the canines rush to confront the intruders.

Encounter 2B The PCs venture into Darken woods to meet Alden, but in order to reach him

Train in warehouse. Takes 5 turns to load boxes, but if more than xGurdurr are taken out before then, the train will leave early.
- IF they miss the train

Climax Battle:
Fight on a train (preferably on top_
- Main Boss has twin pistols
- if you can stop the 4 klink on the train wheels, the train will stop, making the battle substantially easier. They don't fight back unless attached, and can be convinced to stop by offering it the _

Want to use this adventure as a springboard for future campaigns? Here's some ideas!
- had planned to create a drug den here. Contacts with Triads with contacts in the local city. Next adventure: help take down a large crime syndicate in the Basin town

-setting up a real railway line

- something roughs related

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