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Main Characters

Player Name Character Name Prime Type Cryptid Friendly Rival Opposing Prime Relevant Knight
Arcran Marcus ICE Quicksilver the Sneseal Puck (FLYING) Darwin (WATER) Blueberry (Teller) W. Queen
Prehysterical Angus GROUND Gauntlet the Golett Jenn (DARK) Albert (STEEL) Pluto (Cross) B. Queen
Jacior Dominic GRASS Deadshot the Cacnea Katie (POISON) Sigmund (GHOST) Icarus (Dorothy), W. King
Regalus Adam FIRE Duke the Growlithe Neils (???) Roslin (NORMAL) Djinni (N/A) B. King


New Cryptids
Main Player Cryptids
ICE Marcus Sneseal Quicksilver ???
GRASS Dominic Deadshot Cacnea ???
GROUND Angus Gauntlet Golett ???
FIRE Adam Duke Growlithe ???
Friendly Rival Cryptids
FLYING Puck (Marcus) Dawn Jumpluff Field of cotton (obscure vision and field effects)
POISON Katie (Dominic) Cavern Zubat ???, Died in Safari Zone Cave Collapse
DARK Jenn (Angus) Veil Zorua Massive Illusions
ROCK Neils (Adam) Compass Nosepass ???
Jamba Cryptids
WATER Darwin (Marcus) Terrorfang Sharpedo Ghost Shift, Shadow traveller
GHOST Sigmund (Dominic) Ego Ghastly Psychic Shift, Underdog, Dream Mist
STEEL Albert (Angus) Ophelia Honedge Grappling Chain
NORMAL Roslin (Adam) Dolly Ditto Can copy trainer and team as well
ELECTRIC Deceased Tesla Magnemite Power Generation
Other Cryptids
FAIRY Tiny Tink Mime Jr. Underdog, Bossy, ???
DRAGON Senga Zaha Goomy Solidifying gunk to create walls/bridges/etc
PSYCHIC Q Psyren Slowking Telepathic Links
BUG ??? ??? ??? ???
FIGHTING ??? ??? ??? ???
Ancient Cryptids
Chronos Cryptids
FIRE Chronos Zorra Delphi Delphox Fire Rune Traps/Field Effects
GRASS Chronos Gairon Orchard Bellosum AOE Attacks
POISON Chronos Orochi Whitespine Seviper Albino and Blind. ???
ICE Chronos Valear Jade Jynx As in Special
DRAGON Chronos Original Champion Terrison Victory Dragonite Massive. Just Massive.
GHOST Chronos Chronos Tenabrae Spiritomb Brainwashing, can control 108 souls. Used on E4 and his Cryptids
Other Owned Cryptids
STEEL Androssi Enryu Zahaard Excalibur Honedge
WATER Julius Varro Julius Varro Leviathan Wailord Flying shift. Massive. Used as Alchemy workshop.
DARK Dorothy (Icarus) Oz Toto Mightyena Break through defenses
Wild Cryptids
FIGHTING Secret Zone of Nature Preserve Leena Colossus Machamp Ground shift, causes earthquakes when approached
FLYING Stormwrack Ocean Forgotten Prime Typhoon Wingull Massive, able to swim underwater, causes monsoons and storms in ocean
NORMAL Painted Ruins (Armedius) Hesiod Hero Smeargle Paintings can come to life, paint traps.
BUG Dessert Forgotten Prime Blur Ninjask Can add speed to attacks, pass moves.
GROUND The Claw (Zahaard) Forgotten Prime ??? Trapinch Huge, swallows people
PSYCHIC Serenity Windchimes Serenity Dirgesong Chimecho Sound calms people, stops battle
ELECTRIC Julius Varro; Central Power Source Marron Wilder Zebstrika Power, pure electric power.
ROCK Victory Road Petra Medusa Onix Smooth and serpentine, turn to stone via eyes
FAIRY Thousand Acres Ranch Hilde Mira Florges Extraordinary healing powers and plant growth stimulation.

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