Armedius Academy

While there is an entire town known as Armedius, almost everybody refers to the place as Armedius Academy, as the surrounding town serves primarily to support the Academy and provide accommodation for various parties travelling to and from the Academy even if they are not students themselves. In addition to hosting the gym (which is located off campus but is still officially part of the school) the Academy provides perhaps the highest level of Education to Pokemon trainers in the world. And while many come only for the badge offered and quickly leave, many more stay for a few classes. Some remain for years, diving into research and theory, to graduate as alumnus of the institution and recognized worldwide for their skills and abilities. Contained below is some information about the school.


As a school, Armedius Academy takes its classes very seriously. Each Trimester (Fall, Winter, and Spring) there are 10 courses offered, of which students take a single one. Additionally, throughout the trimester there are supplementary lectures on general battle theory, field experiments not connected to class, and other developmental lessons. While most are optional, a certain number are mandatory, meant to increase the general broad quality of its students while they delve deeply into a single subject for their main course.

Each course is separated into three different sections based on the skill level of the student: Basic, Emerging, and Proficient. This ensures that students with drastically different experience and knowledge levels constrain the learning of the entire class. Additionally, every course has intensive practical elements, challenging the students not only as intellectuals, but also as Pokemon Trainers. For instance, a course about Botany may have its advanced students travelling deep into the wilds to collect rare berries that provide effects even more powerful than Tier 3 berries for growth, fighting aggressive Tangrowth the entire way. This practical application is a core part of an Armedius Education, as Pokemon Battling is one of the core skills developed throughout a student's time at the Academy.

In general, courses can be separated into one of the following categories:
Battle Theory: Meant to increase awareness of a specific kind of battling, these courses are generally the most popular due to their direct application on Pokemon Battling. Examples: Secondary Effect Manipulation, Double Battles, etc.
Topics: There are three topics courses offered each Trimester, one in each Environmental, Type, and Technology. While the specific courses change each year, their themes remain the same. Examples: Aquatic Habitat Restoration, Volcanic Activity in Hoenn (Study Abroad), Ghost Type, Pokedex Construction.
Elective: Elective Courses do not fall under either category above, generally specializing in a specific aspect of Pokemon Training, Crafting, or Theory.
Masterclass: A Masterclass is an advanced topics course available only to students of at least Rank 6. Masterclasses are capped at 6 individuals and are quite competitive to get into.

Graduating from Armedius Academy is something that few students achieve. While students will often leave the school, either temporarily or permanently, they haven't technically graduated until they fulfill a series of strict requirements. It requires talent, determination, drive, and time to accomplish. Most students pursuing graduation must take breaks from coursework to travel the region and challenge gyms to raise their Rank, although some accomplish this solely during the summer vacations. Becoming an Allumni grants an individual more freedom to access the school's resources, funding for off-campus research, stellar letters of recommendation, and an eventual ability to return as a professor who is able to teach classes. Graduation is difficult enough that the number of graduates each year are usually can be counted on one hand, with many years seeing no graduates. The requirements for graduation are:

  • Trainer is at least a Rank 7 trainer.
  • Successful completion of 12 trimesters.
  • Achieved 'A' grade in at least 4 courses, including 1 Masterclass.
  • Completed at least 2 Battle Theory Courses, 2 Topics Courses, and 2 Masterclasses.
  • Development of a Graduation Thesis approved by the Headmaster to be presented as a guest lecture and added to the Library.
  • Completion of all other requirements before obtaining 8 gym badges.
  • Completion of all other requirements by the age of 25.

Academy Culture


Perhaps the most important tradition of Armedius Academy is that of the Pokken. Developed originally as a way to solve tensions between students who struggled over materials when the Academy was still in its infancy, it has survived well into the Academy's success and become an integral part of the Armedius Experience. The concept of a Pokken is simple: two trainers who have a disagreement, assuming that the issue is not covered under existing rules and guidelines, is settled through a Pokken. The situations vary, ranging from the petty (who gets a preferred seat in class) to the academic (who gets the final spot in a masterclass that is almost full), to the downright ludicrous (attempting to permanently acquire labs for personal research over the next decade). Nearly any issue can be settled with a Pokken, and even the Headmaster respects the right of students to use strength to determine how the school functions. Even professors will demonstrate Pokken if one wants to claim a course currently taught by another or to claim one of the finite and coveted Senior Professor positions.

The rules of a Pokken are simple. Each trainer uses up to three Pokemon and battles using league rules. If any single Pokemon faints however, the trainer loses the Pokken. Generally trainer intervention via items or physical/psychic support is banned, although these rules can be renegotiated if both parties agree to the rules. Any official Pokken must be witnessed by at least three members of the community for it to be legal. Additionally, a Pokken need not be accepted, meaning that if a trainer has nothing to offer in exchange for what they desire to gain they may end up without an opportunity to battle at all. Generally however, students are eager to accept these contests. A trainer's Pokken record is recorded, and a few students specialize in these battles, becoming known as 'Pokken Trainers' for their single-minded focus on this specific battle style.

The Armedius 7:
The Armedius 7 is sort of like the Student Council of the school. These students are recognized by the school's administration and are granted quite a bit of agency over how the school functions aside from academics. They have access to the greatest research funds, individual coaching, and access to the vast network of alumnus that are more than willing to help out these trainers. While the title is taken through a Pokken or appointed by Headmaster if a member graduates, students challenging an Armedius 7 for their title must offer something substantial in return for a battle, as this title is anything but symbolic. Most of the 7 are Rank 7 Trainers using their influence to complete research before they graduate. Many tenured Professors are old members of the Armedius 7, and it isn't uncommon for them to show favor to a student who holds the same position within the group as them.

Wild Pokemon:
While wild Pokemon are not numerous inside the gates of Armedius Academy, they do exist. Wild Pidgey and Starly frequent the quad, and Rattata frequent the cafeteria. There's a giant Tentacruel in the lake. Cherrim and Cherubi can be found just about anywhere. The capture of any of these Pokemon is against the rules, and the students generally leave the Pokemon alone. For those interested in capturing Pokemon, there are plenty of places nearby in the wilds that can provide a plethora of options for trainers seeking Pokemon. This has made the wilds here more willing to interact with humans, providing potential trainers an opportunity to get exposure to wild Pokemon before they head off to take their starter challenge.



1: The Arch
The Arch is the only entrance to the Academy. For reasons nobody knows, one professor of arcane energies always maintains a spherical barrier around the place making entry impossible by flight or burrowing. While this was probably useful when people actually broke into the Academy to take it over, its a bit of an outdated tradition at this point. In any case, it means that only through The Arch can people gain entrance to the grounds of Aredius Academy. It's a breathtaking feature, over a hundred feet tall and inscribed over and over with the words Scientia Potentia Est, or Knowledge is Power.

2: Quad
The quad is the place where most students spend their time when the whether is nice out. Frisbees are thrown, battles are held, contests staged. There's nothing special about it other than that everything important happens here. It's really just a field of grass with a ton of sidewalks passing through them.

3: Monument to Uxie
At Armedius Academy, Uxie is the most worshiped legend around. Representing the knowledge of mankind, it makes sense that the Academy would choose it as their patron god. Sitting in the middle of the quad, this giant statue of Uxie is surrounded by several book-touting students, all carved out of beautiful granite. On graduation day, all performing the ceremony touch the tails of Uxie, although doing so beforehand is a sure way to know that you'll never graduate.

4: Rolvaag Hall
Armedius Academy is, first and foremost, an Academy. Rolvaag Hall hosts the main lecture halls, laboratories, and seminar rooms of the Academy. And while all classes have prominent practical elements to them, much of the work of preparation and analysis happen here. So too are the professor's offices located in this building, as are all students not affiliated with a dorm. It's a massive building with four large wings, and students oftentimes report getting lost their first month on campus. However, this is the reason they all came here in the first place. It certainly meets its reputation, as it is built in an old style with extensive limestone detail work and more turrets than one could count.

5: Torvald Library
Torvald Library and Canalave Library represent the two most extensive libraries on the world, although experts debate frequently about which is older, which holds more books, and which keeps a more valuable set of tomes. Whether Torvald Library comes in first or second, much of a student's time at Armedius Academy is spent here. Whether they're interested in legendary Pokemon, new technologies, capture techniques, extensive notes on nearly every Pokemon species, or records of famous battles fought over the past thousand years, trainers can find almost anything in this library. They just have to know how to find it. The library is vast with millions of tomes held within, so finding the right book can be a nightmare. While the local Ralts staff is happy to help in any way they can, even their knowledge fails sometimes. Additionally, many sections of the library are accessible to students only with professor permission, meaning that many of the most valuable and informative tomes are harder to acquire. Many theorize that this library also extends into the depths of the earth, representing a library founded by Uxie itself, but none have been able to access this mythical library. Still, every year a batch of students tries to burrow, blast, or search their way underneath the library, always to no avail.

6: Tower of Alvis
Named after the only alumnus of Armedius to serve as Headmaster, Champion, and Elite 4 Member during their lifetime, the Tower of Alvis houses professorial research. This is where they keep their experiments and tomes, their extensive notes on archaic subjects, and their theories on new battle techniques and combinations. Off limits to students unless they are working with a professor on their work, this place is elusive to all but the most elite of the school.

7: Student Council and Administrative Building
Larger even than the student union, the Student Council/Administrative Building houses the training facilities and research laboratories of the Armedius 7, the school's main office, and a large amount of paper-shufflers who make the place function. Each member of the Armedius 7 has access to an immense amount of resources and customizes their portion of the building to their specific needs and interests. It is mostly because of these customized and highly valuable facilities that membership in the Armedius 7 is so highly valued. Unfortunately, the trainers who study here are quite powerful and refuse to accept challenges unless something valuable is offered in return … unless you manage to prick their pride in the exact right way.

8: Cosmos Arena
Other than the League Championships Arena where Chronos accepts challengers, which was built 1,000 years ago at the start of the league, the Cosmos Arena is the oldest battle arena in Hayle. Boasting a capacity of over 17,000 people, this is where the most prestigious and important battles are held, including when Elite 4 Member Guard accepts challengers. Traditionally battles in the Cosmos Arena are held at night, and the dome at the top of the stadium opens allowing trainers to battle by moonlight. However, traditions change, and now only the most ceremonial of battles occur at night.

9: Student Union
The student union is where students come together for fun. Hosting several game rooms, meeting rooms, two cafeterias, and various other amenities, students will oftentimes come here during their free time, especially if the weather is nasty outside. That said, entertainment at Armedius is just as much about battling as it is about movies and radio shows, so this may not be the most important place around.

10: Varro Crafting Hall
Built ten years ago with large donations from Varro Corp, this is the newest building on campus. With powerful forges, technology labs, and crafting stations decked out with all the newest tools, this is a crafter's heaven. It also prompted the introduction of crafting-based courses into the curriculum, which have been a smashing success. And while it doesn't provide access to all the technology Varro Corp has at its disposal, it has increased the number of graduates who transfer directly to work for Varro Corporation in Central. It is a symbiotic relationship at its finest, and this cooperation is one of the newest ways Koon Aeros has boosted the profile of the already prestigious academy he runs.

11: Sky Dome
The sky dome is a relatively recent addition, as the popularity of Kalos's Sky Battles as an official battle format has only just begun to gain favor in Hayle. There are few trainers here unless they specialize in bird Pokemon, but the facility is able to simulate battles in even the strongest winds. Battles held here are oftentimes flashy and well attended, especially if both trainers involved are riders.

12: Aquatic Center
While there is a lake on Armedius's campus, it's difficult to have dedicated water battles there due to the giant tentacruel's habit of interfering with battles. So this facility was created, providing students with a space to train and battle on top of or underneath water. There are training facilities with both fresh and saltwater, mock battle arenas simulating the sea, the beach, rivers, waterfalls, and nearly any other water location you can think of. Underwater obstacle courses are located here, and there is an official underwater battle arena with a viewing booth for students to take notes during underwater battle demos. You can often find Water Aces here, diligently training their techniques before heading off to Stormwrack.

13: Dorms:
Unless students are studying off campus or travelling abroad for their coursework, students are required to live on the Academy campus any time that they are enrolled in courses. While there is public housing available for students in the Pearson Wing of Rolvaag Hall, students in dorms have access to research grants, allies, training opportunities, and much more based on the size and influence that their dorm wields. Currently all of the Armedius 7 but the Apu, number 3, are members of dorms. Every year the dorms participate in a 5 person team Pokken tournament at the Cerrim Blossom Festival in the Spring Trimester, with one trainer of Ranks 3-7 represented. The winning dorm gets a special prize that changes each year, but its always highly coveted.

  • The Dojo: With trainers who specialize in training their bodies above all else, Dojo Students are often brash, with a love for Practicum classes and mixing it up personally with their Pokemon. In order to enter, they must win a battle with a Machoke without any help from their Pokemon.
  • Elba: Named after the first headmaster of the Academy, the Elba Dorm is a competitive and powerful dorm in which trainers are subject to training not only in their classes, but also in the Dorm. They see themselves in constant competition with the Shooting Star dorm, and currently three members of the Armedius 7 belong to the dorm (#'s 4, 6, and 7).
  • The Table: Perhaps the least influential of dorms, The Table accepts pretty much everyone into their ranks. And while its huge population provides some advanatages, the duties associated with being a part of this dorm almost outweigh the benefits.
  • Shooting Star: As the smallest dorm in Armedius, Shooting Star accepts only one student each Trimester. Students in this dorm are given freedom to do what they like and expected to solve their own problems, but each is incredibly competent and a certain amount of comradarie exists between the residents. Ever since the dorm was founded, the first seat of the Armedius 7 has always been held by a member of the dorm.
  • Green Seeds: The people of the Green Seeds Dorm are, in a word, plant people. Their dorm building is filled with berry plants and grass type Pokemon. Green Seeds is known as a friendly dorm of grass enthusiasts that loves to provide Berries to trainers to help with their studies and research.
  • CHRIS: The Center of Housing and Research for International Students is the defacto host of students who come from other regions to study at the Academy. Partially this is to provide a support system, and partially its so they don't object too loudly to the unique and controversial setup of Hayle's Pokemon League.

14: Training Fields
While there are more specialized training fields around campus for those seeking specific battle conditions - such as Sky Battles or Surfing Battles - these training fields represent a place for trainers to work with state-of-the-art technology to self-train. Generally battles between trainers are held elsewhere on campus, though those wishing for a more private location sometimes come here. Instead, this is a place for student's to workshop techniques, combinations, and practice new moves and abilities without interference from other trainers. There are about individual training fields, each enclosed with a glass ceiling. It's fairly rare that all are checked out at a time, but during peak season (such as before any tournament) trainers reserve these fields far in advance to ensure adequate training time.

15: The Lake
Situated next to Rolvaag Hall, the lake, which has no other name being the only other lake on campus, serves as one of the many beautiful features that have given Armedius Academy a reputation as one of the most beautiful cities in the region. Calm and pristine, this lake's clear waters house a variety of wild fish Pokemon used by the cafeteria for fish fridays. Additionally, a large Tentacruel inhabits the lake, sometimes disrupting the battles which students inevitably have on the waters of the lake.

16: Rutger's Island
Rutgers island stands in the middle of the lake, where a single small temple to Celebi sits among the trees and grass of the small mound of land. Battles are forbidden on this island, and it is often used for romantic getaways by the students. Additionally, graduation happens on this island, as there are few enough graduates that they and their families can fit easily on the island. Finally, it is strictly prohibited to enter the island any way but from the bridges. Even Sky Trainers land at the other end of the bridge and walk the rest of the way to the island. Nobody knows why this rule is in place, much like nobody knows why battles are forbidden. However, Rutgers island remains something of a sacred space for students, and they fiercely self-patrol any who break these rules.

17: Cherrim Blossom Fields
Next to the lake lies Armedius Academy's famous Cherrim Bloosom Fields. With row after row of cherry blossom trees that house the Pokemon. The trees, along with their reflections in the lake, have been the inspiration for some of the most famous paintings in Hayle history. On the day of first bloom, a tournament between dorms is hosted, known as the Cherrim Blossom Festival, which attracts visitors from around the region to watch some of the region's most promising up-and-coming trainers. Additionally, a single Cherrim from the fields is gifted to each graduating student.

18: Headmaster's Manor
Tucked away behind the Cherrim Blossom Fields lies the Headmaster's Manor. Fenced off and rather massive, Gym Leader and Headmaster Koon Aeros resides here when not teaching, running the gym, or chasing down legendary Pokemon. While the fence is meant to keep students out of his yard, it is a tradition for those about to graduate to sneak into the garden and trim one of the hedges in their likeness, avoiding several Whimsicott that seek to keep them from defiling the sanctity of the garden. Large events and receptions are also held here.

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